TS-Z Auditfile (English)


TS-Z Auditfile exports the data from the audit file (XAF, ADF) to an Excel file. You don’t have to install anything, but you will receive an Excel file with a macro. In this file, press the Import button and select the audit file. After the tool has done the work, you will see the audit…



Audit files are often used by the tax authorities or accountant. It is especially useful if your administration package does not have export in excel capabilities. The audit file contains the complete administration. TS-Z Auditfile exports the data from the audit file (XAF, ADF) to an Excel file, you just need to select the file and once the macro is done you have a full Excel ledger, a balance sheet, a period balance sheet and a post-processes matrix. In Excel, it is also easy to search through all transactions by means of filters. See the manuel. You can view the output of a demo XAF file here.


Which versions of Excel does the audit file viewer work with?

The audit file viewer has been tested from Excel 2010 onwards. However, there is a good chance that it will also work with older versions. If the tool does not work for you, please contact us. If we can’t get it to work, you will get your money back. If the tool doesn’t work, check if you allow macros (yellow bar at the top). The tool doesn’t work in Excel on a Mac, as XML files aren’t supported in this version of Excel (yet).


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